23 Sept.

We slept like logs and woke up at 6 am manly because of the time difference (Slovakia +7 hours, Russia +9 hours).  The first on our agenda was to find the immigration office and extend Nadya’s 30 day visa to a maximum 180 days. We were lucky. The lady at the office simply corrected 30 to 180 (30 can easily be corrected to 180, right?). We called it a day and the rest of it spent chilling at Demid’s.

 The next day we rode out into the city centre and, not unexpectedly, drew the attention of everyone we passed. We quickly learnt that there’s very little to see here and parked at one of the restaurants to try some Mexican beer. The don’t have draft beer over here, only 350ml bottles. The beer was Ok but I wouldn’t say it was fantastic.

     Finally on the third day, we got into a bus and went to check out the Caribbean Sea. It was like a postcard – azure blue and crystal clear. The finest sand on the beach just added to the impression that we were in paradise. We got home about 4 hours later and decided that the next day we would ride out to meet Carlos. Latvians had left so we slept in the house. There was a huge storm that night and I had foolishly left all my clothes on the roof.

 Yes, they got soaking-wet.

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