and moving on….

26 Sept.

Despite this little incident, we put our things together, hang out my wet clothes on both sides of our bikes and hit the road. We were supposed to meet Carlos at a gas station in Puerto Morelos (further PM) about 40 km south along the coast. Carlos is our host from a farm near PM. We contacted him through  and were planning to volunteer at his farm in exchange for board & lodgings and hopefully some Spanish, too. This is the main reason why we chose to do this. Neither of us speaks any Spanish and I guess we’re gonna need it somewhere along the road. Let’s hope that by the time we leave his place we’ll be the masters of survival Spanish, at least. More about Carlos and his farm later.

  We met as agreed, loaded our staff into his American style truck and drove off to the farm. First we had a quick induction tour of the farm,

 were introduced to Victor (his gardener, caretaker etc.) and fished it off with a delicious dinner cooked by some Carlos’s friends. Almost slipped my mind,

the Sun here is veeeery strong and we both got sunburnt in two hours that it took us to ride from Cancun to PM.

Also, another small incident, thought at the time it seemed like a major blow to our cycling plans.  One of the bolts in my steering wheel got loose and when I tried to screw it in a bit. Whoops!!! I damaged the bolt thread. Then I did the same with a second one and this was already bad ‘cause the whole steering wheel became loose now.  I was gonna have to find someone to cut in bigger bolt threads and buy new bolts. Few days later, Carlos did it all for me and it only cost us M$120.

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