a day off at a cenote – Siete Bocas

Oct. 3

The alarm went off very early today – 6.15.  It´s our day off and we´d planned our first trip in the area around Puerto Morelos (PM).  As usual, we set off quite late, around 8.15.  The destination is our first cenote. Jose Luis, the guy we met yesterday at our favourite cafe in PM, told us about La Ruta De Los Cenotes and singled out one that is particularly beautiful. Siete Bocas or Seven Mouths. After about 6 km on thehighway towards PM, we crossedit and rode out onto La Ruta De Los Cenotes.  It was a very pleasant ride. The road is straight and stretches out without any visible end to it. After about 2 km we came across the first of the many restaurants along the road. Only few of them seemed to be open though. The first cenote was right next to the road. We stopped to have a look but it was neither big nor very clean.  So a little unimpressed we moved on. Having passed several cenote signs, we stubbornly continued until we arrived at a big sign saying Siete Bocas. We were directed inside the jungle and after about 3 km and several uncertain turns there we were – another one of so numerous ranchos in Quintana Roo state of Mexico. Few minutes later, having paid M$100 (Mexican pesos) we were let to the cenote itself. Gosh,  it was stunning. Can you imagine big stony holes in the ground, caves in fact,  with crystal clear water about 4-5 mts below? Well, that´s exactly what it looks like. When the Sun beams hit the water,  even from the top you can see the walls, amazing shapes and colours several metres deep under water. We jumped in. The water was refreshingly chilly and it was even more beautiful. 7 Bocas are in fact 7 singholes all connected together and you can easily swim from one to another through narrow tunnels in some areas with only about 30 cm of space beetween the surface of water and the ceiling of the cave. They are very popular snorkelling spots. No surprise there though. We borrowed some goggles and explored firther down. The sunlight makes it on unforgettable experience. Believe it or not. / Bocas is 150 mts deep and even though we only saw a fraction of it, we were stupefied by all that beauty underneath.

Several hours later we mounted our bikes again and set off back for lunch and a swim in PM.  The Sun was scorching and my cyclocomputer showed 37 degrees Celsius. Jose Luiz also recommended a cheap restaurant where they serve fresh fish so we decided to give it a go. We ordered whole fried fish of enormus sizes. Man, it was delicious. I can honestly say that I´d never ever had such tasty fish before. We were a little worried about the bill but when it arrived we just laughed since you would pay about three times more anywhere else I know about.  After that we relocated to a nice spot on the beach and went for a dip in the ever warm Caribbean sea.  The day finished in our favourite cafe on the main square. We met this guy Jim, an American, who currently lives in PM and is a professional writer and he invited us for a cup of coffee at the hotel that he temporarily runs here. I guess we´ll give it a go some time soon

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