Tulum and after…

25 Oct. Chemax

We were still in Tulum this morning. 7 o’clock alarm was supposed to give us plenty of time to pack and get going before the Sun starts burning. As usual it took us 2 and a half hours but thanks to the forecast hurricane Rina the Sun was merciful today. It was almost non-existent, which makes cycling much easier and pleasant. We rode past Tulum ruins and after a quick pros&cons enumeration (not sure if this is how you say it in English) we decided to skip it to make most of what we had left of that day. Having grabbed some food supplies at the local supemarket we rode inland. Nadya seemed to be tired and so was I at the beginning.  As we were slowly crawling along the road, we saw a group of people looking at a big road sign. When we got there it turned out to be Demid and Sasha – the guys from Cancun who hosted us three weeks ago. They were on an excursion with some Russian tourists. The thing they were all staring at was a huge snake hanging off the road sign.

Someone must have put it there either for the tourist to admire or as a warning for other big snakes :).Then I woke up and was kind of anxious about not being able to ride at my own pace. Towards the noon I couldn’t hold it back anymore and left Nadya far behind. Not that much actually – about 1-1.5 km. The road was ascending a little bit and it made her even slower. I parked on top of the hill and waited for her to catch up. She arrived all in tears and utterly frustrated claiming that she can’t do it anymore. After half an hour brake she calmed down and we moved on. She wouldn’t talk to me, though, unti the evening when we arrived in Chemax. We passed Coba and again I was contemplating whether to go and see the ruins. We skipped those too. There’s plenty of them along the road. After Coba there was a 30 km stretch of the road with seemingly no end to it. It was completely straight and you just couldn´t see where the end is. We finally reached Chemax at around 4 pm. At first it looked like a tiny village but it turned out to be a small town with a town centre, a big church and very kind polece officers. At ¨the restaurant¨ (understand a local kind of Burger King) we were told to ask about camping at the Palace Municipial.

Backyard of the police station in Chemax

Eventually, we ended up talking to the police an they offered us their backyard to set up our tent. Their backyard is a multi-functional area, which serves as their parking lot, a football stadium for local chicos (boys) and a dancing school. Also, there was some kind of jail at the back of their office. We’ve heard a man shouting something and then two girls (presumably his daughters) turned up to feed him. An hour later they (the police guys) brought him a companion. He was obviously drunk but after an hour of shouting he must have fallen asleep ’cause we never heard him again. Anyway, I think we were really lucky ’cause they even have a shower here. We cooked our dinner – rice with scrambled eggs and a fried banana (platano- different kind of banana) and are ready to go to bed. As always our bikes interest people a lot and the whole police station came out to look at them. We had to answer a lot of questions but the most frequent one is how much they cost. Our Spanish is getting better every day. I can now ask about so many different things and even though I don’t usually understand much of what they reply, I get the idea. They speak very fast for me but knowing English helps a lot.

We´re heading to Tizimin and particularly Kalax – Victor’s  parents village. I don’t think we’ll be able to make it tomorrow though. Our bikes are really heavy and I guess we’re gonna have to do something about it.   Buenos Noches.

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