Tizimin- Xkalax


We woke up at 6 but couldn’t leave until our tent dried up. It hadn´t rained but the morning dew had done exactly the same damage. 30 km later we arrived in Loche, a village on the road to Rio Lagartos and the place where we had to take a right turn and get off the main road. Cycling was very hard because of the wind blowing from the sea which we’re getting closer and closer to.As we were riding I noticed a huge area of formerly jungle that was being cleared up for a future papaya plantation (Papaya is a fruit).

future papaya plantation

In Loche, we decided to take a break and get something in our stomachs. There was a restaurant right on the side of the main road but we rode inside the village instead and eventually found some people who were able to make some quesadillas for us. It was kind of fruit and veggie shop. There we also met Raquel and her friend, two girls who suggested that we go have a look at an old church i. They said it was 300-400 years old and build by the Spanish.

Old church in Loche

Right next to the church there was a small hill which turned out to be the remnants of some Maya ruins. Later on, Raquel showed us her Eng-Spanish dictionary and explained that she’d bought it there in Loche. She showed us the place and we got one too. Stupidly, because we wanted to reduce the weight of it we tore out Spanish-English half of it. She also wanted to take us to a cenote few km away but we really needed to go in order to get to Xkalax before it gets dark. In the end it was another 30 km with the last seven on a dirt road. On the way there we had to stop twice and tie up our under tent sheet between our bikes to hide from rain. It’s good that we have it J. When we finally got to to Xkalax we asked around for the Poot family and just before it got dark parked outside their house. First one to come out and say hello was Victor’s father – Don Victor. One by one the whole family came out- the mother – Doña Modesta, three brothers Enrique, Armando, Wilbeth, the sister – Diana and a small boy – Angel – the son of the oldest daughter Alicia. She works on a ranch some 50 km from here so Angel leaves here with his grandparents and only sees his parents at the weekends. We were shown into the neighbouring house and given a 15 litre bottle of drinking water. Our house or pretty much any other house in the village is a simple cement block house of a rectangular shape.

The house in Xkalax we lived in for 2 weeks

There’s only one room with a double bed (some people don’t even have that) and several hooks on the walls for hammock. There’s very little furniture here. The same evening some boys asked me to play football with them. It was a good game.

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