Chabihau to Komchen


We left Chabihau early again. There’s not much to say about the cycling except that as we were approching Progresso, there was more and more life in villages. Maybe one more thing: the road got much wider after Telchac Puerto and we were able to ride next to each other because the shoulder was wide enough to do so. In Progresso, which is a biggish town on Mexican Gulff coast. We had some lunch and then moved next door for a cup of nice coffee. Our main task there was to withdraw some money since we almost run out of pesos in Xkalax and were counting every peso for the next 3 days. We got there with 40 pesos, enough to have lunch for two in a local fast food joint. While drinking our delicious coffee we got to talk to an American couple who live in Merida. Gosh, they are so scared of everything. They just kept telling us about all the negative, unusual and dangerous things here in Mexico. We made them buy four wallets and said good-bye. The decision was made to sleep in the last town before Merida to save some money.  We reached Komchen at 5:30 and crashed on a bench near Palacio Municipal. It turned out that there was going to be a concert that night organizad by the Evangelical Church. The guy who organized the event offered us his house to stay at under one condition – that  we wait until it finishes . We were drained but there was nothing else we could do. 5 o’clock wake up and 90 km that day did its job. Nadya literally fell asleep on my lap and I could hardly keep my eyes open. After the concert people started dispersing to their homes (around 10:30), one of them, Tomas, suggested that we stay at his place instead.  We were so tired we’d have agreed to anything just to be able to go to sleep. We followed his car to his house and after a short talk went straight to bed.  In his house, they use fans to blow the mosquitos away while they’re sleeping. They are noisy though, and I can’t say that either of us had a good sleep. In the morning we learnt that they took us in because they’re deeply religious people and believe in helping others. We said ¡adiós at 10 and cycled off towards Merida.

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