Living in Xkalax 4


Victor Manuel left yesterday. Towards the evening the boys went hunting again, as they do every few days.

The hunting gang

The hunting gang

They mounted their motorbikes with huge rifles on their shoulders and rode off to get some meat for the family. It’s been week and a half now that we’ve been here and yesterday was the first time they actually brought back a deer. It wasn’t very big especially when they tell you that it was going to be divided among 8 hunters’ families. The rule is, though, that the lucky shooter gets the biggest portion of it. It was Enrique who’d shot it and so they got a whole hind leg, liver, the head and loads of other delicacies. We had some for dinner that night and it was delicious. For Nadya it was the first time that she’d ever eaten venison, which she found very tasty.  I haven’t had venison for years, and yes, I can’t but agree with my wife’s taste.

We ate that deer for the next three days in different forms, of course. The following day we had a bit of the hind leg and the head. Nothing is wasted here. They offered us to try the eye and we did – both of us. It doesn’t really taste any different from the rest of it but the consistency is very unusual. It’s very gelatinous but I also thought that it tasted like the cartilage.  After that we were offered tortillas with the brains. When we finished all the meat that you can find on a head (surprisingly a lot) Wilbeth split the scull in two and took out the brains. They spread them on a tortilla and eat it with a chilly habañero. The taste is very unusual. It’s sort of like pate but a bit watery. It wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t call it a delicacy.

I tried to listen to the news but the signal was not so good so I gave up. We’re almost finished the hammock.

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