Dzitbalche to Campeche city


The alarm went off at 6 but it was really hard to get up. We eventually did and after little breakfast, a quick tour of the house we said hello and goodbye to Igor and his dad.  We were out of town before 7.

Today we passed a number of small towns, none of them very interesting though. Except for Hacelchakan.

Hacelchakan main square/park

Igor recommended this place for breakfast – mainly pork and turkey sandwiches. There were a couple of fast food restaurants at the main square with a lot of people munching on their meaty brekfasts. We had one each and concluded they were very tasty. There are loads of stylishly cut trees in the main square, which help to create the atmosphere for a morning pork sandwich ;).

The next town, Pomuch, was the place we wanted to have our midday nap at.  First we went to an open football field with a lot of boys playing football. They surrounded us but were so unpleasant that after a while we left. Few hundred meters down the road was a tiny stadium protected from the Sun by a huge roof above.  We thought it was going to be a great place to rest at, especially because there were no people there. I even managed to doze off for an hour or so but then the same boys turned up and commenced a game of football. This was it. We quickly packed and moved on to find a quiet place most preferably in a shade.  At the end of the town, there were some trees giving a lot of shade so we pulled our inner tent and set it up. No we didn’t get any sleep. It was too hot. Now, I understand why a hammock is a better option here, at least during the day. You catch every little breeze and it cools you down a bit. While in a tent you just sweat like a dog. We left an an hour later. Hot, hot and hot again. The last house of the town had some coconut trees right next to the road and after we checked there was no one at home, we shook off three big coconuts.  We had two of them right there and took the third one for later. Tonight we’re sleeping in Hampolol, some 19 km before Campeche city. First time ever the Palacio Municipal was closed and they didn’t even have shower at the local police station. Luckily, we have our Advanced Elements camping shower(3 gallons model). We used the police toilet/shower (without shower) room to set it up and comfortably washed off the day’s dirt. After quick dinner they showed us a place next to the church where we were allowed to camp. Tonight is also the first time we are sleeping on grass rather than on a concrete floor.

Camping in Hampolol

It feels good. Tomorrow, we are going to ride to Campeche where we are already expected. We’re going to couchsurf again, this time with a guy called Octavio.

Even without Octavio, our plan was to stay here in Hampolol overnight, then go explore Campeche during the day and finally ride to the first village after Campeche to save money we’d have to pay for a hostel in Campeche. Nadya’s sleeping already and I’m ready to go to. It’s 10:30 pm.

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