After Campeche and in Seybaplaya


We left Campeche well rested and full of energy for the next part of our trip. Our next stop was supposed to be Champoton but we only made it to Seybaplaya. When we crashed on a bench in the central park a group of 5 boys appeared out of nowhere. They showed us a nice beach 3 km outside the town where most tourists go to chill out. Since it´s winter here, there aren´t many of them. The beach is quite isolated with some palapas and surprisingly clean water. It was cold though. We stayed there for about an hour, collected some nice shells to make a picture and decided to head back to town. That´s when I realised that I´d lost my Slovak flag. Bummer!!! It made me feel a bit dispirited and I tried looking for it on the way back but to no avail and ever since I´d been riding flagless 😦

Back in town the boys took us to a hotel where we paid 20 pesos for showers. We rode past several boys fixing their bikes outside on of the houses. It turned out one of them lives there and the other were getting ready for their pilgrimage. 12 December is a big day for all the Catholics. The day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. During the weeks prior to 12 December a number of Roman Catholic Mexicans make their pilgrimages to nearby town and its churches. Some are running, some are cycling or biking and some go in big groups mainly on trucks. We´ve met quite a few different groups riding past but this was the first time we actually saw them leaving their hometown. They all collected outside the church on the main square and wer sayijng goodbye to their families and just about everyone.What really stroke me was when one of the boys put a huge statue (1.5m)on his shoulders and mounted his bike. First thing that crossed my mind was how on Earth is he going to cycle with that thing on his back? We´ve also talked to some of them before and learned that they usually do somthing between 300-600 km there and back. Anyway, few minutes later they were all gone, even the one with the statue of Virgin of Guadalupe on his back.

We were told we can put up our tent under the roof at Palacio Municipal. An hour later another group of cycling pilgrims arrived. Tehy parked under the same roof and went to church. They got back 15 minutes later. For the next 2 hours I was wondering where they were going to sleep since their luggage was really tiny and all they could have had there was 2 blankets at most. I was right. They all had a blanket or two and spread some of them on the tiled floor and used the other one to cover up with. I´m justy guessing but they must have been cold especially in the early morning. I woke up around 5 feeling chilly ´cause I hadn´t zipped up my sleeping bag. Anyway, around midnight all of us switched off the imaginary lights and went to sleep.

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