Campeche was mere 20 km away and we did it no time at all. As we rode into the town a beautiful cycle path was laid right in front of us and along the sea.  We quickly found Plaza principal and send a text message to Octavio – our couchsurfing host. He came two hours later apologising that he´d stayed up late the night before and didn´t wake up until about half an hour ago. He took us to his spacious 3 bedroom flat only 10 minutes away from the centre. We were offered a couch in his living room along with all the comforts of his house – huge flat screen TV being one of them.

Campeche city is beautiful though a little bit dull. All the houses in the historical centre are painted in different colours by the municipality. However, they are only painted on the outside and as we later found out the insides can be quite monstrously empty or dilapidated.  The Plaza principal is surrounded by a splendid church on one side and very picturesque buildings on the others.  One thing that we´ve noticed in the centre is that there are very few advertising sings on houses, so you might be walking around looking for a cafe and unless you pass right in front of it you wouldn´t know that it´s there. I guess this has to do with the fact the the historical centre is part of UNESCO world heritage.

We stayed here for full 4 days. Most of the time we just lingered around. We went to the cinema. I spent two days trying to find medicine that is supposedly produced here in Mexico. I went to three different pharmacies but they didn´t even know what I was talking about. I later found out that you can only buy this medicine on the internet since it´s considered to be an alternative nutritious supplement.

On our third day we went to check the remnants of what once must have been a very effective defence system against pirate assaults – the city walls. Campeche is known as the walled city. In the past it used to be attacked by the pirates and buccaneers a lot and not always did the walls and fortifications help to protect it. 

In the evening, we went to a very pleasant cafe of Chocol Ha recommended by Octavio. Chocol Ha means hot water in Maya language. This was our last evening in Campeche.

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