To Champoton

The boys were up and out of town before us. After breakfast I cycled about 3 km searching for my flag but no luck again. That day we rode slightly less than 40 km to Champoton. The ride was very uneventful but for the stopat a remote beach wehre we found lots of coconut trees and after several unsuccessful attempts managed to get 3 of them. We ate one right there after which we peeled off the other two and took them for later.

In Champoton we spent the afternoon hanging around the main plaza. We were about to leave when I heard the call of mother nature. I walked around for about 20 minutes until someone told me to try the local market. I got there almost ready to drop it in my pants. I rushed into the first cabin and did what had to be done. What a relief!!! I had been given very little toilet paper which I was hoping to compensate for with some clean water. Surprise, surprise!!! No running water in the sink. It didn´t matter. I was just happy it didn´t end the other way.

We rode out of town and towards Sabancuy. In Champoton we had a choice of a shorter way through escarcegaon a very busy highway or a longer loop through Sabancuy and along the coast. The longer and more picturesque is what we chose and found ourselves a place to sleep at just 6km afterChampoton. We walked into a rodside restaurant to have some coffee and learnt that the owner speaks very good English. We talked for a while which led to some free beers and what´s more free shower. It was just a huge plastic barrell full of cold water but it helped anyway. Few hours earlier we noticed several palapas on the side of the road. We picked up one closest to the restaurant and put up our tent. Bad choice as it turned out. There was a road bump right in front of it and all the truckshad to slow down and gear up again after it. They made so much noise I could hardly imagine falling asleep. After a while we both miraculously did and slept soundly until the early morning.

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