Our bikes:
When we first started thinking about this trip buying a motorbike was what we talked about.  We had to abandon that idea since we, strangely enough, realised that we’re not rich. Motorbikes and gas are.  Cycling was the next idea.  We thought it would be much cheaper and definitely more authentic since by travelling so slow we’d be able to meet and learn about the countries and its people in a much more pleasant way. I once was on a three day cycling trip and after  I vowed not to do it ever again. OUCH!!! My bum really hurt everytime I had to get on or off that bike.  Then we found out about recumbents and especially AZUB guys, who make theirs in the neighbouring Czech Republic. We went all the way to Uhersky Brod to try them out. We did and we really liked them. After a quick talk we ordered one for each of us.

Radim: I have Azub 5 which has a sturdier rear fork than Nadya’s to carry more load. Since we’re not fanatic cyclists and we know very little about bikes I can’t tell you if there’s any other significant difference from Nadya’s.

Nadya: She has Azub Apus and because of her height (156cm) she only barely reaches the ground in the sitting position.

We both have under seat steering which ,even though is less convenient when trying to get through narrow doors, we both found more comfortable than above seat steering.


2 thoughts on “bikes

  1. Hello, how hard and $$$ to bring your recumbent on the airplane? I want to invest some money on it but I don’t want to sell it later because of airplane policy or something

    • hey there, it was super easy. we took our bikes apart and they do fit into regular size bike box. We had no problem at all. We flew from germany to Cancun and it cost us 40 euro per bike.

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