BIKES:  Azub 5 (Radim)
Azub Apus ( Nadya)
Cyclometres:  Radim – Ciclosport 4.4A CicloMaster
Nadya – had one but lost it already 😦
Lights: Front: 2x Cateye Power OptiCube
Back: 2x
Panniers: Radim – Ortlieb Classic 2x, Ortlieb city 2x
Nadya – Azub recumbent bags with a raincover 70l
Repair kit:

5 T-shirts                               a waterproof jacket
2 trousers                               2 pairs of trainers
3 pairs of shorts                     a pair of flip-flops
a fleece jacket                       a pair of sandals
a cotton jacket                       a cap

3 T-shirts                               a pair of trainers
a shirt                                    a pair of sandals
2 pairs of shorts                    4 pairs of socks
a pair of trousers                   4 pairs of underwear
a softshell jacket                   a cap
a waterproof jacket

MSR Hubba Hubba tent with Gear Shed + own tent footprint (tent floor protection)
Sleeping bags:  Radim – Western Mountaineering Megalite
Nadya – Deuter Starlight Exp
2 foam sleeping pads
Solar shower advanced Elements 3 gallons
Katadyn Pocket microfilter
2 ultralight travelling towels
2 kitchen towels
Clothes line + clothes pegs
2 pairs of earplugs
PRIMUS Omnifuel cooking stove + 0.6l primus fuel bottle
2 Sea to Summit Polycarbonate spoons
2 tupperware plastic bowls
1 Snowpeak Trek 1400 Titanium Cook set
2 mugs
2 swiss knives

Iphone 3gs 32 gb
Goal Zero Guide 10 solar battery pack + 8 AA batteries (4 goalZero + 4 Eneloop)
4 AAA batteries (eneloop)
Shortwave digital radio Degen 1125

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